This week’s plan

All seems to be up and running. Just to remind everyone about our plan this week:

Tuesday (tomorrow): practice with related rates

Wednesday: Linear approximations and tangent lines (book section 3.11) and Practice sheet for Exam 2 will be handed out/posted onlineA short webwork set is also due (on related rates)!

Friday: We will finish talking about linear approximations (section 3.11) and introduce optimization/extreme values (section 4.1). Solutions to the practice sheet will be made available. A short webwork is due (on related rates and some linear approximation).

Of course, Exam 2 will be on Tuesday a week from tomorrow (October 2). It will be at the usual meeting place for our recitation (Boyd 221), and there will be a proctor to hand out the exam.


As usual, course materials, such as practice exams, lecture notes, etc., will continue to be made available on the course webpage:


go ahead and check on webwork for the new assignments — all should be visible at this point!